185/65R14 MIRAGE MR-W562 86T

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Speed Rating 86T

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The Mirage W562 is an asymmetrical studless winter tire that offers the perfect balance between performance and winter traction. Solid outer tread provides exceptional handling, while the inner tread delivers traction on snow and ice. With its superior traction and handling, the W562 will give you a driving experience that will leave you looking for the scenic route.
Asymmetrical tread design ? delivers high performance in winter, wet, mud and snow conditions. Solid outer tread ? gives exceptional handling. Aggressive inner tread ? gives excellent ice and snow traction. High-Density circumferential grooves ? evacuates water to minimize hydroplaning on wet roads. Cut and Chip resistant tread compound ? minimizes cutting and
chipping. Environmentally Friendly Construction ? produced using materials that meet European REACH requirements. 1856514 190509-99