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Delivery/Shipping Policy

Thank you for your purchase. Once your transaction has been completed, your tires will be shipped out depending on availability within 1-3 business days, which will commence 1 business day after your transaction being processed and accepted. Wheels and tires are generally dropped off between 8h00 and 17h00. Tire Stock Inc. will contact customers on the day preceding the shipment in order to confirm the transaction and the estimated delivery date. Tire Stock Inc.will deliver your tires and/or wheels at the drop-off point selected by you when the order is placed. In the event of an error made by Tire Stock. we will correct it by shipping the right tires/rims back to the shipping location

Customer’s responsibility:

It is the customer’s responsibility to verify the size of the tires/rims are correct at the time of placing the order. Tire Stock, cannot take responsibility for mistakes made by the customer, such as but not limited to: a mistake in tire width, profile, diameter or load and speed ratings and or, wrong drop-off location selected.